About Carrie Likes Coffee

This my personal weekly blog dedicated to art, crafts, comics, and related entertainment.  It will be filled with how-to’s, reviews, and project ideas with a generous dash of my odd sense of humor so be prepared.  Or not.  It’s all good.

I made the decision to create this blog as an outlet for my creative side and to appease that part of me that loves to teach, tell stories, and entertain.  Art and crafting have been a huge part of my life since I was a small child and I grew up surrounded by strong women that love to create things.  There was my great-aunt Elsie who wrote poetry and my great-aunt Della who had a special passion for flower arrangements.  My grandmother loved painting, baking, and knitting.   My mom had a talent for drawing and music.  As a mom myself, I have two wonderfully creative and talented children who love to draw, paint, and generally make a mess.  This blog is dedicated to all of them with love.